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Escorted Tour - Wuzhen Overview

Chinese people always describe or illustrate an ideal imagery when mention their utopia, that it would be a waterside family of Jiangnan, and four generations live together harmoniously and happily in this milk-and-honey land. In fact, there is a true utopia of Chinese people, which is Wuzhen. Wuzhen water town located in Tongxiang, Jiaxing city, Zhejiang province, is the top one among Chinese water towns, and also the most famous and classic one at home and abroad. Originally named Wudun or Qingdun, Wuzhen is a typical water town in east China with more than 6,000 years of history. Today, enjoying Chinese water town culture, Wuzhen is always firstly recommended. In 1991, Wuzhen was approved as a historic and cultural site of Zhejiang province, and the development of Wuzhen as a tourist destination started in 1999.

Renowned Wuzhen Tourist Attractions
Xizha Scenic Area

The earliest section of Wuzhen opened to the public is Dongzha Scenic Area, and Xizha section is opened after its resurfacing. The popular way to go to Xizha is taking boat. Therefore, the best word to describe Xizha is harmony. Xizha scenic area is comprised of 12 isles, and more than 70 bridges connected all of them. This is a rarely seen view in China. Two famous bridges of them are Tongji Bridge and Renji Bridge; two bridges together shape a classic view – Double Bridges, or Bridge in Bridge(regarded as the most classic view in Wuzhen), entering the scenic area via bridges needs choosing, because different bridge represents different destinies or futures of the individuals.

There are lots of old things reserved in Xizha. An old street extends for several miles, and the stone-paved paths are old but unique, and two-side houses mostly stand over the water, also there are many handmade craftworks that hardly bought outside. At the time, local women after makeup used to carry a medicine-decocting pot and go to river side in line to put the pots into the river, and it was said that this act could keep them and their families away from disease. Up to modern times, this tradition disappeared. The folk lodging and hotels are also special, and the outside is a traditional look, but the inside was decorated modernly. In the ancient street of Xizha, visitors also can get the services from high-level business clubs, spa centers as well as bars.

Jiangnan Folk Custom Museum

Jin family was a big family in Dongzha area, so their life could be a record of lifestyle history at the time. Jiangnan folk custom museum displays diverse folk customs like birthday anniversary ceremonies, wedding ceremonies and rite as well as the seasonal festive rituals and ceremonies.

Jiangnan Woodcarvings Displaying Museum

This used to be the great mansion of Xu family in Dongzha area, also called Baihuating, or Hall of Diverse Flowers, famous for its dedicate woodcarvings. Its exquisite beans and columns, especially the carved figures, animals and other images, give tourists a special impression indeed.

Recommended Tours:

Wuzhen Water Town Day Tour
The best way to see Wuzhen is to take a trip down the canals on boat. Each of these boats can seat a maximum of eight persons. Along the way, we passed through ancient bridges and waterways, and could see the residential houses up close.

Wuzhen Museum Day Tour
You have a best chance to explore various museums in Wuzhen including Mao Dun Museum, Jiangnan Hundred Beds Museum, Jiangnan Folk Custom Museum, Jiangnan Woodcarvings Displaying Museum, and Yu Liuliang Coins Museum.

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