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Escorted Tour - Shenzhen Overview

In the 1980s, Shenzhen grew seemingly overnight from nothing to a metropolis. The growth spurt came at the instigation of then-supreme leader Deng Xiaoping, and remains the primary symbol of the reform and opening policy he initiated. It's equally a symbol of everything that's wrong with what China has become -- a jostle of shanty-towers with a rootless, money-grubbing, gone-in-a-day atmosphere. Hardly anyone's a native, and many Chinese are here illegally. Far from finding the get-rich-quick scheme of their dreams, often many of these workers end up in sweatshops or prostitution. Seemingly oblivious to the city's terrifying growth in violent crime, the authorities seem to believe that even more expansion will cure all ills. To this end, Shenzhen is trying to remake itself, attempting to disassociate itself from the fake handbag shops that line the border and focusing instead on a spanking new Central Business District in Futian.

Renowned Shenzhen Tourist Attractions
Dameisha Beach

Dameisha area includes Dameisha Seashore Park and the hinterland, which covers an area of 1,680,000 square meters. In the seashore park, there are the beach covering 180,000 square meters, the sunshine hallway which is 432 meters long, Sun Plaza covering 13,000 square meters, Moon Plaza covering 4,000 square meters, 230 parking stalls and other service facilities. Up to now, all these programs have completed and open to the public free.

According to the themes of Dameisha, which are romance, freedom and recreation, the hinterland is designed with the relevant facilities, like the apartments with hotel-styled services, cafe, public house, teahouse and shopping center. All these enrich the tourist resources of Dameisha.

Meanwhile, the artificial sceneries here fit the environment well. An island, a bridge, a boat, a church and a couple, the romantic wedding in Dameisha enriches the theme and sublimate the spiritual contents of Dameisha. As Dameisha is full of mountains and water, the sports activities like climbing, camping and rosary under the mountain are developed here to fill up the deficiency of tourist resources in low seasons.

Shenzhen Safari Park

Shenzhen Safari Park is a very popular zoo that combines animal performances, plants and animals and the first in China to un-cage the animals. It is home to over 300 animal breeds and many of these are exotic and rare animals from China and other parts of the world. Visitors can find flamingos, Siberian tigers, red crown cranes, Asian elephants, giraffes and pandas at the park. To its north are green mountains that act as a barrier. Buses are available within the park to watch the animals in play or simply relaxing.

The Shenzhen Safari Park also conducts a very popular and exciting performance with around 1,000 animals and over 300 actors. The elephants are the parade leaders, the pigeons hover the sky with animals like lions and tigers following behind.

In the performance and walking zone, visitors will find various attractions such as the Golden Monkey viewing tower and enclosure, the Panda Hall, Snake House, Monkey Hill and Crocodile Pool. There are wonderful performances from Russian and Chinese Circuses, majestic animals and even funny wedding ceremonies that are performed by the bears along with dances performed by the red crown cranes.

Window of the World

Window of the World is located in Huaqiaocheng on the side of Shenzhen Bay and covers an area of 480,000 square meters. Its goal is to bring honor to world cultures and showcase world wonders, historical relics, key points of interests and folk customs. "Give me one day, and I give you a wonderful world in return" is the slogan of Window of the World and it is really a fantastic world.

Window of the World is divided into five parts according to the five continents and these five parts build rich and colorful world together in World Plaza, World Sculpture Garden, International Street and Jurassic Universe. 118 scenic spots imitate to perfection the different scales. The tourists often rave about how good they are.

Each night performances of singing and dancing ring out over Windows of the World presenting a spectacular that is unforgettable.

Happy Valley

Shenzhen Happy Valley, the first batch of national AAAAA tourism area, is a modern theme park which integrates participation, appreciation, recreation and interestingness, covering an area of 350,000 square meters. It began to open to the public in 1998 and it has grown into a large modern park with the most advanced facilities after years of development.

Shenzhen Happy Valley consists of 9 theme areas, including Spanish Square, Cartoon Town, Gold Mine Town, Typhoon Bay, Sunshine Beach, Happy Times, Shangri-la Woods, Playa Maya Water Park and Mount Adventure. There are also more than 100 entertainment projects of a variety which are preferred by both the old and the young. Shenzhen Happy Valley has introduced a number of particular recreational projects from America, Netherlands, Germany and many other countries. The entertainment projects include the highest roller coaster in Asia, China’s first suspended looping coaster, China’s first mini train imitated classic style, the four-dimensional cinema integrating visual sense, auditory sense and touch sensation, the water warship with the world’s longest track and the topflight elevated tourist excursion train.

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Shenzhen City Tour
Shenzhen is a racy, modern city neighboring Hong Kong. Though there are few historical sites in the city, people are impressed by its prosperity. The Splendid China in Folk-Custom Village is considered one of the largest miniature scenery parks in the world. It is a wonderful opportunity to visit a great numbers of China's most popular historical and cultural sites in just one day.

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